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  1. jellybabyking
    Pull up in my golden whip skr skr
  2. SeA_Flux
    Someone has used my credit cards to buy things on that are not auth. Who can I contact for more info? 858-663-9928 Juli
  3. Markbrittx
  4. ThiccVicc
    Yo I am the ThiccestVicc. Otherwise known as SanchezTheDog! :)
  5. jerey johnsn
  6. thebombplatypi
  7. Marios1Gr
  8. tinhdausonate
  9. Marios1Gr
    Me:Marios1Gr (#5323) Why you were banned: ads Why should you be unbanned:Well i didn't read that rule so i pasted it and i got banned!
    1. Marios1Gr
      :Please unban me i promise i will never do it again
      Jun 22, 2017 at 5:28 PM
  10. KingCOLT
    Lol been so long........ everyone is gone
  11. allie hukill
  12. adrian fliming
  13. punley alice
  14. Coorpeop ute
  15. Yammy
    Update: I still need help, I have the flight enchant on my Pik and the second I join I get kicked.impossible to join and play Please Help <3
  16. mono1734
    I have Legend rank and the ability to do /fly, but I got kicked for flying. The server kicks me (for flying) if I re-join too! Please help
  17. Yammy
    Yammy Frost_
    I cannot join... I am at spawn and have been getting kicked :'( It might be that I lag but... I get kicked the second I join saying Flying (or related) can you please TP me so I can join again <3 IGN: YammyYam
    1. mono1734
      Same here but i have legend rank with access to /fly
      Jun 21, 2017 at 8:12 PM
  18. Sklize
    Sklize Frost_
    ive been kicked for flying.. with an enchantment.. why?? Can i not be kicked again.. please let me know whats going on.. I'm no hacker so there is no need for me to keep getting kicked.
  19. FrequenciFaithz
    i cant join it says network is unreachable help please
  20. PatuBr
    PatuBr Madrid
    pal is LP closed? bc i cant enter
    1. Madrid
      Hi! We're aware of that and working on getting the server back up.
      Jun 23, 2017 at 8:15 AM