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  1. Benji1876
  2. Nebulava
    Oof I see LP isnt doing well after the demotion wave by Frost. Sucks that it's illegal to play on other servers now.
  3. jessie
    idk y it is a filthy frank avatar but it is
  4. YoStrafe
    Still Awaiting Perms.
  5. ItzBoom
    Help i am choking to my cereals!
  6. Name (Garbag3)
    Name (Garbag3)
    Each agree on my ban appeal is a closer chance of Progen being banned for illegal items/demoted.
    1. AuraPulse
      Guess what, I just got banned for asking Progen to ban an illegal weapon user.
      Sep 17, 2017 at 7:15 AM
    2. Name (Garbag3)
      Name (Garbag3)
      LOL. Wow. This kid is going to get demoted
      Sep 17, 2017 at 11:22 AM
  7. YoStrafe
    Just Got Accepted As ChatMod
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  8. Techmaster24
    Techmaster24 Frost_
    Hey frost I got banned for hacking while I didn't do a thing. It was by _xXPROGENXx_. and while I told my friend to msg him to unban me ,and That my friend messaged him 4 times and he got banned too.

    Plz Help. Lucky prisons is our favorite server
  9. Ninjabot259
    Ninjabot259 Frost_
    Can you fix the server plz
  10. Ninjabot259
    Great The server has ppl who DDOS it great
  11. OGStaff
  12. dapetsta
    dapetsta Madrid
  13. sally laacs
  14. xGamez
  15. GuyWithPizza
    Hey Frost_ all STAFF I got banned but it says that if your a GOD RANK which i am i get unbanned? So can i get unbanned? Plz Im sorry.
  16. Elliot King
    Elliot King Thugcrew
    I don't know there real name but there nicked is TropicalKitty Basically This Person Was Fly Hacking And Tropical Kitty Kept Saying No Hes Not No Hes Not Then I Said That's Because He Knows Your Watching him Then She Muted Me Isnt That Technically Staff Abuse Muting Players You Don't Like
  17. Elliot King
  18. Xx_Flajoinko_xX
    I Got Ban For Scamming And It Is Allowed? _xXPROGENXx_ Why did u do this?
  19. PaulBahrx
  20. dapetsta
    dapetsta Madrid