I am working on a MASSIVE update for LuckyPrison that will be released in October. If you want something included, here's your chance to mention it! I will be giving out prizes for the best suggestions.


Hello, I'm happy to announce a new interview-like system!

Basically, we removed interviews and added something else: BSL's (Basic Staff Lesson).

BSL's are necessary if you recently got accepted to staff.

They are made through Discord or Skype only.

More about BSL's:

* They are only made for you to have an easier time understanding and handling situations.

* They take around 40 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. Depends on how fast you are of a learner.

* At the end of the lesson, there will be quizzes and scenarios.

If you did not yet write an application, and need a few tips before, they're a gift!

* One-line responses on everything will be automatically denied.

* Put some effort to the application, as much as you can.

* When done, read it all, and act like you are the one reviewing. Would you accept that application? Is it missing something?

* Do not post more than 2 applications if not asked to do so. Doing so will result in an instant deny.

For now, the accepted staff are:
(Please note when more will be accepted I will edit this post, not make another one.)
- YoStrafe.
- OneFlyer.
- 70n.
Thanks and good luck!

It's been a while since I've made a post, so I'd like to inform all of you about some upcoming updates.

For starters, we've released a back to school sale that slashes all prices in the store in half. We've also released a preorder for the Prime rank, which comes with 100 free Godly keys and a price reduction of $26 from the release-date price (only for preorders!).

As for upcoming updates, we plan to begin a policy of creating large weekly updates beginning on Friday, August 18th. For our first weekly update, we plan to add either a free world or an extension of the current mine ranks. Additionally, we would like to incorporate any suggestions from the community, so please feel free to leave a comment.


Hello! The following are the server rules, please stick to them or you will be punished depending on what rule you broke.
This is an updated list containing all of the rules.
(Large thanks to MLGMadrid for writing this, as I could not be bothered to do so)
Chat Spam

This rule means sending 3 or more messages that are the same (or similar) under the same chat frame.
Frost_> Hey
Frost_> Hey
Frost_> Hey

Chat Flood
This rule means sending over 4 characters in a row in the same text. Here is an example: "Haaaa" or "Apppppppples".

Private Message Spam
This rule is similar to the chat spam rule, except it is in private messaging a player. If you send them 4 or more messages that are the same (or similar) in the same chat frame, you are breaking this rule.

This rule means calling someone a hacker on main chat. You can use /helpop if you are unsure if the player is hacking or not.

Whether it is a server discord, website or IP address, it is forbidden to post details about a minecraft server. You can if you are asked to in private messaging.

Unsafe or non server-related wesbites
Whether it is a youtube video that's not related to LuckyPrison or a jumpscare, it is forbidden to post unsafe/non-server-related links.

Derogatory Slurs
This rule means any negative comment or expression based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. It will not be taken lightly.

This rule means saying swear words. "Shit" is generally allowed, but do not use it against anyone.

Sexual Content
Sexual content is sending anything, sexual in chat, it is an instant mute!

Player Harassment
This rule is about harassing a player, calling them names, or generally being against someone offensively. We do NOT take this lightly at all.

Lying to staff members
If you were asked by a staff member about something, always tell the truth. Lying will not be taken lightly.

Scamming in real life money
This is about making a deal with someone about something on the store, and you end up not buying it. We take this very seriously.
Bob made a deal with...
Congratulations, to these few who have been accepted for a staff interview!
  • Ieau
  • Narative
  • XxHitechKillerxX
  • KittyKazaZ16
  • addlolTU
  • beast_master274
Please contact me in game, or on the forums to set up a time for an interview.

If you have any issues with the accepted applicants, please leave your reasoning below, along with some kind of proof to support you claim.