Hello all,

I am making this post to clear a few things up and provide some updates.
  • As you all know, our Staff Manager recently departed. This was a result of her demanding payment due to a promotion with no added responsibility. Paying a large number of people massive salaries is part of the reason Adam had to sell the server. She will be replaced immediately; there is no shortage of people who would do all of her tasks for free because they genuinely enjoy the server and want it to improve.
  • Staff applications will be done via Google Forms soon and only the best candidates will be selected. I am redoing the staff system as we speak; it will be more simplified and effective.
  • Our current low player numbers are the result of two things: no advertising and a small blunder on my part. I forgot to update LuckyPrison's protocol hack plugin to the latest version, which meant that players on the latest version of Minecraft couldn't connect. I've fixed this issue. As for advertising, I have something planned that will ensure consistently high player numbers.
  • Lastly, I will be incorporating the community's suggestions on a rolling basis throughout the months of January and February. If you would like to see your suggestion implemented, please make a post here. I'll read each and every one.
Thank you,
Hey friends,

I didn't want to leave out before I said "See ya later." I am leaving the LP community as staff. I may visit from time to time to say hello. I am starting back to school tomorrow! #GoodbyeBreak... My goal is to either get a paying part time job in the afternoons or join a similar online community that can pay me a bit for the work that I do. I had a couple offers but want to find the right community for me. My history here as been almost as long as LP has been open and I am so glad I spent my time here. I made so many friends.

I will never forget how people yelled my name in chat each and every time I logged in. I felt so loved. <3 Okay, maybe you just wanted your keys! :p

@ECaptain - Thank you for finding me and bringing me into Eden. I didn't fit in, I didn't understand your... language and I wasn't sure I needed to join but it turned out to be a good thing. I wouldn't have built so many relationships and found my new little bro @EScubaJoe! Oh... and PS Cap you really do care... <3

@Packet - OMG dude. You are legit one of the smartest ## year olds I know. You will go far and you will do amazing things! Don't forget to slow down and enjoy it because the next 10 years of your life will FLY! Trust me...

@Fred... I <3 you man... and I don't even know why. Keep being you and keep your head held high.

@Rexe243 @Jas @Scuba @_dig @Nathan @Luey @Toadette1218 @Maxwell and so many others... I <3 you guys!

See you guys soon!


Hello LuckyPrison community.

Since the reset took place some of you guys have been missing their ranks when you first join and we know its frustrating to not have it the exact second you join the server but that is out of our hands since its automated to give it to you on join by our buycraft plugin.

Since we can't do anything about fixing that issue we have created a report section where you can send your report of a missing rank on the server.
This will only return your donator rank not crate keys, tags, or pets purchased last map.

Please use the following link to send in a report.
LP Rank Issues: https://goo.gl/6ef7vo

After sending your report it may take up to 72 hours to be looked at and resolved so please be patient.

If you have any problems with the report be sure to contact on of our staff members to get help in the matter.

Hello all,

LuckyPrison will be resetting on Thursday, December 22nd. I will be reverting back to an older version of LuckyPrison with fewer bugs.

The reset will include:
  • Donor mines
  • Fixed coupons/vouchers
  • Fixed Buycraft issues (people not getting ranks when purchasing)
  • Fixed staff permissions
  • Advertising (high player numbers)
  • ...and more.
Also, I'd like to apologize for being inactive. I had school work and final exams to attend to.

Thanks for reading,
Hello, Lucky People!

I've thought about doing a building event about Greek back in 5th century BC!
What I am mostly looking at is the most famous buildings about what makes Greece so popular and why they are such a big deal.
Be sure to make it look good as best as you can! :)

Here are the prizes:
1st Place: 5 trillion $, 1 full Warden set, 3 full Legend sets, 3 stacks of gapples and 3 scrolls of your choice*
2nd Place: 2.5 trillion $, 3 full Platinum sets, 2 stacks of gapples and 2 scrolls of your choice*
3rd Place: 1 trillion $, 2 full Platinum sets, 1 full Bedrock set, 1 stack of gapples and 1 scrolls of your choice*

* I might not have every single scrolls but I do have:
*Sharp 6, Fire Aspect 2
*Unbreaking 33
*Fortune 5
*Circles 3, Blasting 3
*Triangles 3, Fortune 1
*Power 5, Flame 1, Punch 2



1. Player must be a Lucky Prison forum member.

2. Project must be created on your own plot. If this project is done as a group then the only winner is the plot owner. Plot can only have 1 owner.

3. Only 1 entry allowed by each player name.

4. ALL server rules must be followed.

5. Qualifying submissions must be submitted by December 14th.

6. Winners chosen by Lucky Prison Staff

7. A short description of your project and why you deserve to win will also be required with each submission. In a result of a tie or close winners we will use this description to make a final decision.

8. Submissions MUST be posted on the link below.

We suggest that you post your video & or screenshot in response to this forum post.

We wish you good luck!

------------------SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT HERE------------------


-------------------SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT HERE-----------------