Hello Everyone, this is Frost_ and DNCN and today we are very excited to announce the latest server-wide event, the Lucky Prison Build Competition!
The theme of this Build Competition is "Medieval", so start planning now and building now, as it is running from today (April 29th to May 20th!).

What this will entale, is you, the players building an awesome plot based around the Medieval Era, and then you will submit them here: "https://goo.gl/forms/9M0MqoIvdVXyXGsi2",
where our staff team and a few special judges will review them, and the winners will be based on these factors:

- Fitting Guidelines
- Aesthetically Pleasing
- Eyecatching
- Detailed
- Finished Product
- Accuracy to Medieval Times (Yes, Dragons will be allowed!)

And now, for the more boring part, the guidelines before we get into what you've all been waiting for: The Prizes. (And Damn are they Good.)

- Fill the whole plot / plots (Tip: Add Landscape if it is smaller than the plot)
- Be Medieval Related
- Be Submitted! (Submitting Link Above)
- Built Solo, as we cannot supply Keys etc. for a whole build team
- Completely Finished
- Built by the Respective Submitter (That means you cannot pay someone to build it for you)
- Unique (No Schematica or Copys of Plots)

Prizes (The Best Part)


Tips for a Successful Build:

- Plan Ahead
- Take Breaks
- Take Your Time
- Don't Rush
- Gather Resources
- Listen to some Good Music
- Build Medieval
- Buy a Rank (Harmless Server Promotion)
- Build with a Vanilla Texture Pack, or link us the one you used in your submission.

Finally, a summary of this whole thread:
This is a Medieval Build Competition, it will be judged by our current staff team, and if you win you will gain server-wide recognition for your building skill.
You win some awesome prizes if you have a successful and amazing build. Make it eyecatching and do your best. Everyone is a winner, but some people are just
super winners. Read the tips for some ideas / ways to succeed. The possibilities are almost endless, so push yourself and your...
Congratulations, to these few who have been accepted for a staff interview!
  • Boxerlover0224
  • CIA_Undercover
  • RainbowCrafter6
  • Shucky12345
  • Packase
  • Killboost
  • hailsssann
  • Stiqx
  • goteee
  • Robert1888
  • Thailor
  • CaneDox
  • Metamfetamim
Please contact me in game, or on the forums to set up a time for an interview.

If you have any issues with the accepted applicants, please leave your reasoning below, along with some kind of proof to support you claim.

Congratulations, to these few who have been accepted for a staff interview!
  • Jesse777Jesse
  • JustTooEasy
  • Sabreena17
  • XxHitechKillerxX
  • ChatFlood
To arrange the time for you interview, send me a message on the forums.


At approximately 5 PM EST, an incident occurred that involved a member of staff granting all permissions to an attacker. This has been dealt with, and the server has been rolled back to a previous state (sometime late last night). I apologize for any loss of items and progress; I have restored all of the purchases made today.

I have taken steps to make sure that this never happens again.

I will definitely do something this weekend in order to make up for the lost progress, such as giving out vouchers or a drop party / event.

~ Thugcrew
Hello my fellow members of lucky prison, This is just for an update on the new Application that Myself and @Frost_ have put together, This will make staff application management easier to access and to manage. This is just one of the few changes we will be working on to make Lucky Prison more active, More enjoyable and more Relaxing. Click here For the new place to apply for staff. Frost and myself are currently working on multiple things and can assure you we pay attention to the server. If you Have questions Pm either of us or a member of the staff team,
Thank you for your time,