Congratulations, to these few who have been accepted for a staff interview!
  • Jesse777Jesse
  • JustTooEasy
  • Sabreena17
  • XxHitechKillerxX
  • ChatFlood
To arrange the time for you interview, send me a message on the forums.


At approximately 5 PM EST, an incident occurred that involved a member of staff granting all permissions to an attacker. This has been dealt with, and the server has been rolled back to a previous state (sometime late last night). I apologize for any loss of items and progress; I have restored all of the purchases made today.

I have taken steps to make sure that this never happens again. The entirety of the staff team (except one individual) have been fired.

I will definitely do something this weekend in order to make up for the lost progress, such as giving out vouchers or a drop party / event.

~ Thugcrew
Hello my fellow members of lucky prison, This is just for an update on the new Application that Myself and @Frost_ have put together, This will make staff application management easier to access and to manage. This is just one of the few changes we will be working on to make Lucky Prison more active, More enjoyable and more Relaxing. Click here For the new place to apply for staff. Frost and myself are currently working on multiple things and can assure you we pay attention to the server. If you Have questions Pm either of us or a member of the staff team,
Thank you for your time,

Our site was recently breached by a rogue staff member. Please disregard any of the content that he created.