Presenting the 7 Wonders of the World BUILD COMPETITION!!!

It is time to have some fun and build your own piece of the world! Find your favorite (new age or old age) wonder of the world and build it on Lucky Prison!

Use player skins, music made with note blocks, creative builds and point of view to attain the best screenshot or create a walk-through video.

Theme of the build competition: 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD (New Age or Old Age)

The contest submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, October 5th. That gives you TWO WEEKS to plan, build and submit your build.

Contest open to all Lucky Prison players and helpers.


First Place: 1- Demigod Pickaxe, 1- Set of [WARDEN] Kit Armor, Sword and Pickaxe, 1 Trillion In Game $$$
One Plot Signature From Packet, Tridium & Chubbycurls

Second Place: 1- Set of [WARDEN] Kit Armor, Sword and Pickaxe, 450 Billion In Game $$$
One Plot Signature From Packet, Tridium & Chubbycurls

Third Place: 1- Set of [LEGEND] Kit Armor, Sword and Pickaxe, 150 Billion In Game $$$
One Plot Signature From @Packet , @Maxwell , @Thomas , & @chubbycurls



1. Player must be a Lucky Prison forum member.

2. Project must be created on your own plot. If this project is done as a group then the only winner is the plot owner. Plot can only have 1 owner.

3. Only 1 entry allowed by each player name.

4. ALL server rules must be followed.

5. Qualifying submissions must be submitted by October 5th.

6. Winners chosen by Lucky Prison Staff

7. A short description of your project and why you deserve to win will also be required with each submission. In a result of a tie or close winners we...
Hi, just a quick post regarding my name change, I decided to change my in-game name to "lzp". I will remain Software_Update on the forums and other platforms which LuckyPrison utilizes, but just know that in-game I'm now "lzp".
Hello all,

Today, we launched LuckyPrison 2.0, a project that we spent several months developing. Immediately we were plagued with network issues, and general bugs. Although the player turnout was relatively decent (we weren't running ANY advertisements yet), we saw the general mood of the community. You guys didn't like the update. Or more specifically, you didn't like how buggy it was.

I'm going to be honest with you all in this post; I came very close to selling LuckyPrison today. Months of hard work, and tens of thousands of dollars all but wasted on a nearly unobtainable goal. Eventually, I got to talking with my team lead, Amaranth. We agreed on a solution that would make EVERYONE happy; which is what the title of this post is about.

In 1985, The Coca-Cola Company changed the formula of the leading softdrink, Coca-Cola, to compete with their rivals, Pepsi. The public reaction was negative, to put it lightly, and the executives soon rebranded the old Coke as Coca-Cola Classic. That's what we intend to do; you all like the plugins and features that make LuckyPrison great, and most of those features were buggy, or flat-out missing from Lucky 2. But we have our Coca-Cola Classic... Lucky 1.0. For the past seven hours, Amaranth and I have been restructuring some of the internals of the plugin infrastructure of Lucky 1.0, and back-porting some fancy features of 2.0. We've made the decision to relaunch, with the plugins of Lucky 1, and the builds of Lucky 2.

Obviously we have a lot of bugs to fix in Lucky 1, but that's entirely doable. We'll be working for the next several hours to bring you LuckyPrison 'Classic', to be released as soon as possible (probably today).

Any items purchased on Lucky 2 will transfer to this automatically, after all, you've only had them for a few short hours! We will also be running a sale, and you'll be able to get some packages up to 90% off.

With love,
Hello everyone! I'm very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of LuckyPrison Second Edition. With this absolutely monolithic update, there have come a great many changes; from gangs, to plots, to ranks, we've revamped the entire server. This post will outline the major changes we've made, give context to the reset, and show off what we've accomplished with months of work and tens of thousands of dollars. Be advised, this post does not cover every facet of the update! Please read the entire post, as well as the Q. & A. before asking any questions in the comments!


Lucky 2.0 is scheduled for release on Friday, September 9th at 7 PM Eastern Time. You can view a countdown timer here. This date was set as of Tuesday, August 30th, and we feel that this will give us a enough time to test the entirety of this monolithic project. A countdown has been added to the MOTD, so you don't have to go to a website to see it.

We have decided to reset the server for our relaunch. After a large number of duplication bugs & exploits, coupled by the fact that our map is ten months old, and a poll that was largely supportive of a reset, the management team unanimously agreed that a reset is the best way forward.

Any items, mine ranks (A-Z, not your premium ranks), stats, achievements, plots, money, tokens, backpacks, levels, experience, crate keys (use them while you can), etc. will be cleared. You'll all start over at Rank A, but take note, any premium ranks (Coal, Iron, Gold, etc.) will all remain! You paid for those, so you won't lose them. Premium mines will not open on the day of release; instead they will be accessible a week later, on September 16th.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 89,...
Greetings everyone!

I decided to show you all a sneak peek of the pvp arena we'll be using on LP2. Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

And yes, @Software_Update said he would cry if he wasn't in all of the photos.