Greetings everyone!

I always listen to the community and make sure everyone is happy but there can sometimes be drama between players when reporting staff members; Because of this, we've made a way to allow players to report staff anonymously.

If you have a problem with any staff member and/or think they're not doing their job how they're supposed to be, please report them by visiting this link.

Special thanks to @Software_Update & @JamieThingger. :)
Greetings everyone!

We're currently giving out free rank upgrades to users who make a rank purchase/rank upgrade purchase on our Buycraft store in the next 72 hours.

-This excludes the Warden Rank, as there is currently no rank above it.

For example, if you was to buy the Coal Rank, you will be awarded with the Iron Rank for free.
Another example, if you already have the Coal Rank and choose to buy a rank upgrade to Iron, you will be awarded with the Gold Rank for free.

Whats up guys! As some of you may have noticed, I have been promoted to Manager along side with Cameron (yungcams). I look forward to working with Cameron, as we have both seen and held lucky up at its finest points. We are working so hard to bring back the community into its loving stages we remember. Lucky 2 is going to be community based, meaning your input will count more than ever now! Feel free to come to either of us, and we will see what we can do for ya <3.

Who am I?
So most of you already know my story, I became staff on December 4th, right after Jasmine. I started as a humble chat-mod, and pressed myself for promotions. I worked hard and was given perms to build along side with _Dig (Some of the things you may have seen is the Eshop and Diamond mine, and something you will see for lp2, the new shop <3). I went all the way up to Sr. Moderator, which was a huge step. I later resigned, due to complications with another staff member, thought it would be better to remove the issue before it got out of hand, so i resigned. I was later offered the staff position which I held until personal life issues and server stress took over, which made me become inactive to the point of resigning again. As many of you know, I previously went by the name of TridiumX, and ArtileryPheonix. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask <3
Greetings everyone!

Since LuckyPrison 2 is very soon to release, I've decided to release a sneak peek of the spawn we'll be using!

- Keep in mind, there is so much more to the spawn to explore! We'd like to keep most of it for a surprise.
- Let me know your thoughts about these screenshots, enjoy!

Greetings everyone!

Due to a lot of recent staff drama quite a few staff members have been fully demoted from their position(s).

The following staff members have been demoted:
- Blazite
- Jaf
- Nubic
- FazeAdapt
- Twos
- Caitlin__

The following staff members have been promoted:
- Jabby1X (Chat Moderator)
- Zendia (Moderator)