Yes, That's right. I'm baaaaack!
Like I promised, I am back just before Lucky 2 :D
There is going to be a lot of changes and I am very excited to be back after my short break.

Missed you all don't worry <3

(If you don't remember or know me.. here's a brief introduction)

I am 17 and from London.
I am dating Packet/Adam.
I used to be the manager here for a few months after working my way up from chat moderator.
I am the biggest WWE nerd.
I don't bite, so message me ok.

Looking forward to meeting you all and for the release of Lucky 2.0!
So, another week of staff responses. Here we go, and as always, don't feel bad if you weren't accepted, there are always more opportunities in the future.

- Eternal_Loadout
- Xenginz
- Emped
- MaceInYourFace01

Alright, I'll be doing interviews over the next few days. If your name is on this list, please contact me about your interview. If I don't hear from you, you wont get one.

Some things to think about:

There are a lot of applications that I look at each weekend. If you submit one that is very well written and eye catching, you are more likely to be accepted. Also, I don't typically look at playtime when reading applications, which gives newer players a chance at becoming staff.

Congrats to those that were accepted, and good luck in the future for those that weren't.

Your lord and game master,
Hello everyone!

I'm very pleased to publicly, formally announce LuckyPrison 2nd Edition (LuckyPrison 2.0, Lucky2, L2, etc). For the sake of keeping things short, I'll refer to it as L2 in this post. Lots of you already know about this project, but for those of you who don't, hopefully this post will shed some light on recent discussions within the community.

The most frequent question I'm asked is whether or not L2 will include a reset of the server. While I can say with 100% certainty that we'll never take paid ranks away, the rest of the server resetting is something we've decided to leave up to the community. Attached to this post is a poll on which you can vote that will help us make this important decision.


We're taking suggestions on how we can improve the server for L2 in this section of the forums. If you have a good idea, share it so we can add it!

Follow us on Twitter @LuckyPrison for updates on the progress of L2.
Woah, we haven't had one of these in a while. But here it goes! For those that applied but weren't accepted, there will always be a chance in the future, just keep trying. Even though you may not have been accepted this time, doesn't mean you wont get accepted later :)

Accepted applications:
- Joshua5coats
- Liig_
- Kicker_100
- MaceInYourFace01

Now to answer what may be the question i've been asked the most: Why wasn't I accepted?
The main reason for declined applications this time, wasn't because of the application itself, but because the player who wrote it continuously bugged me about their application, or posting this forum post. Patience goes a long way, and I don't have a use for staff members who can't wait. Along with that, some of the applications were poorly written, so take more time to answer the questions :) Congrats to those accepted, and good luck in the future for those that weren't.

Your Lord,

I am resigning from LuckyPrison (and BattleCraft) as of today. There are many reasons for this and trust me I have been thinking of many options other than this, but everything led back to resigning.
It has been a great 6 months... i think?? Starting all the way back at chat mod on 3rd December 2015 - the second day of the server launching to getting promoted to manager last month.
I have made great friends and an amazing boyfriend throughout these months and trust me when I say this.. I will be back in a couple of months.
Of course, I am still going to stay active on the forums, server and teamspeak. I would just like to say thanks to all the former and most of the current staff members that I have met and become close to, you all kept me going this far ;)
I would also like to say thank you to the players. You guys always supported me and even though you didn't agree with my every decision you were still there. You can always message me on skype on the forums, I will always reply! Join my teamspeak channel too :p

I hope you continue to play and enjoy Lucky Prison & I hope to see you all very shortly.

There are many reasons why I am resigning which I will briefly mention but I will not disclose full details.
  1. As a manager, you can't play the game and sometimes that's all I really want to do so this break will give me some time to do this.
  2. The community (not going to disclose)
  3. Staff (not going to disclose)
  4. Becoming inactive and not being able to manage the server as efficiently as i want to.
These are just a few but I really hope you guys can understand my reasoning for resigning.
See you in a few months.

Jas_ / Jasmine <3

p.s Just realised it's my staff anniversary rip.