I am resigning from LuckyPrison (and BattleCraft) as of today. There are many reasons for this and trust me I have been thinking of many options other than this, but everything led back to resigning.
It has been a great 6 months... i think?? Starting all the way back at chat mod on 3rd December 2015 - the second day of the server launching to getting promoted to manager last month.
I have made great friends and an amazing boyfriend throughout these months and trust me when I say this.. I will be back in a couple of months.
Of course, I am still going to stay active on the forums, server and teamspeak. I would just like to say thanks to all the former and most of the current staff members that I have met and become close to, you all kept me going this far ;)
I would also like to say thank you to the players. You guys always supported me and even though you didn't agree with my every decision you were still there. You can always message me on skype on the forums, I will always reply! Join my teamspeak channel too :p

I hope you continue to play and enjoy Lucky Prison & I hope to see you all very shortly.

There are many reasons why I am resigning which I will briefly mention but I will not disclose full details.
  1. As a manager, you can't play the game and sometimes that's all I really want to do so this break will give me some time to do this.
  2. The community (not going to disclose)
  3. Staff (not going to disclose)
  4. Becoming inactive and not being able to manage the server as efficiently as i want to.
These are just a few but I really hope you guys can understand my reasoning for resigning.
See you in a few months.

Jas_ / Jasmine <3

p.s Just realised it's my staff anniversary rip.
So, here we go for this weeks' application responses. I want to start this off by saying, due to the fact that I allowed the apps to stay open for a whole week, I will NOT be opening applications this weekend and next. However, that gives me two weeks of interview time for those that were accepted!

Here are the applications I have accepted:
- Kaerirefur
- ForU
- Build2Stage1
- aleksandrawr
- xAquamarine
- _SlimeFTW_
- EpicGamerMom

If you were not accepted, don't worry :) Applications will open up again in due time, so don't feel bad if you weren't accepted. There will always be more opportunities!

Your awesome Staff Manager,
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, here are some more acceptances! If you didn't get accepted this time, keep your chin up! There will always be more opportunities in the future.

Before I get into the applications I accepted, I want to go over the main reasons for me declining applications for this weekend. The majority of the applications that I denied were trashed due to either terrible grammar, incomplete thoughts/sentences, age (age requirement is 14 years old at least), and/or lack of professionalism. Please make sure to proof read, and think to yourself, "Would I be showing this to a future employer?". Make sure to put in lots of effort!

Alright, here we go! The following is a list of all accepted applicants:

> squidified_
> JzBlocks
> iTzChronicle
> awesomeepicguy3
> Online_i
> Starzi

For all the people that were accepted, message me either through forums, Facebook, or in Teamspeak about scheduling your interview. If you don't put effort into receiving an interview, I wont want to put effort into giving you one. I hope to hear from all of you soon! :)

I'm out, peace.
So, it's week two of staff applications, and I've selected a few people who's applications were really good. If you didn't make it on this list, don't feel down, there will be more opportunities in the future!


If you're on this list, please message me either on teamspeak, or message me on the forums and we can schedule an interview that works best with you.

**Some things to think about when considering yourself for staff:
1. Spamming me or asking about your application will 100% get you denied.
2. I look for honesty, intelligence, and people who lead by example.
3. Respect gets you a very long way.

With that being said, thanks for submitting applications, and I look forward to seeing more in the future.
Hello noobs!

Today I'm bringing you an update as to why things have seemed 'broken' this past week. Currently, I'm the only core server developer working on the current Lucky codebase. All of our other developers are either working on stuff like Slack integration, other admin tools, or the Lucky 2 rewrite. This means that I'm responsible for fixing basically anything that breaks.

Two days ago, when the server started having crashes (4 root causes discovered; hardware, linux, PermissionsEx, and my scoreboards) and duplication glitches, I started frantically rewriting code in an attempt to fix everything. While I'm (fairly) certain that all the crashes are fixed, I've accidentally introduced some new bugs (unable to chat randomly, scoreboard disappearing, etc). I'm happy to let you know that they are being worked on by myself all night tonight. I've already rewritten scoreboards from the ground-up :)

I accidentally deleted the webserver + backup webserver yesterday while cleaning out my DigitalOcean account. No data was recovered from the old site, so I had to reinstall Xenforo. If you guys hate the new theme, yell at me when I'm back.

On top of all this, @Jas and I are still away on our 10-day vacation (ends in 2 days).

Expect everything to be running smooth again by the weekend.

- Your Gamemaster, Adam