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  1. NozloFam
  2. Frqit
    im gay wanna take me out then make out?
  3. Jsteelers03
    I an a member of Lucky Prison and I want to be a helping member!
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    2. RPWOODS01
      do u know how to apply for staff?
      Mar 19, 2018 at 3:33 AM
  4. bvtaimuihongclinic
    Bệnh viện phòng khám tai mũi họng Clinic trung tâm tphcm.
  5. Azzgeda
    can you apply to be a staff? i'm looking to become one on any server, thought it might be interesting.
  6. Chipxinh2395
    Yêu đi đừng sợ
  7. iEmilkMc
    I'm silent for speaking Spanish because I'm not very good at English and it was the staff friqt mi nick: iEmilkMC
  8. SocialExpirement
  9. woodpecker
    Messages and threads on the store over-charging people...$45 instead of $4 get deleted and removed. SCAM!
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    2. PokemasterYT21
      Mar 13, 2018 at 7:02 PM
  10. TimeForAChange
    TimeForAChange Yungkai
    Message me. Let me know when you are about to get online...
  11. Yungkai
  12. Yungkai
    Please helpp
  13. Yungkai
    I need help from an admin, staff, or mod. My ign is: yungkai and I get keep getting kicked from lag (kicked for flying) please help
  14. alextat947
    alextat947 TimeForAChange
    timeforachange can you msg me please i've gotta ask you something
  15. CompleteSmarts
    CompleteSmarts Name (Garbag3)
    That's not abuse I mean I was the best donkey had all the other incompetent ppl who work on the staff team can even ban correctly or they never got online
  16. CompleteSmarts
    CompleteSmarts Name (Garbag3)
    I mean you wanted me demoted bc I took your illegals out of your inv to kill you then ban Ct would have killed you anyways makes no sense
  17. Frqit
    Frqit Astonishingly
    can we hangout? you can come to my place, i have fortnite on my xbox :)
  18. Benji1876
  19. Benji1876
  20. Jeanne Rose