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Mar 28, 2016
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Jul 1, 2002 (Age: 15)


Staff Manager, Male, 15, from Minnesota

Staff Member Staff Manager

If you're getting kicked for flying constantly, get on Minechat, go to spawn, and then get back on your laptop/PC. Jul 21, 2017

Frost_ was last seen:
Sep 22, 2017 at 4:20 AM
    1. Parker Mui
      Parker Mui
      Can you please check my ban appeal??
    2. giorgi
      IGN: CrazyGamerV8
      Staff member who handed issued the punishment: uDunnoThisDonkey
      Why you were banned: I was Hacking
      Why should you be unbanned: Couse i bought unban !

      Fix That Bug PLS
    3. Parker Mui
      Parker Mui
      Please check my ban appeal
    4. JadeX
      Can u check my ban appeal
    5. _Matt_Playz_
      I Bought 2 godly keys 2 days ago and they haven't come through on the same day I bought a rank but that came to me straight away
    6. Name (Garbag3)
    7. Qianye
      yo frost_ can i see you on skype or discord for a staff application??

      i want to be a stafff bci love this server but want to help out the new players that joins
    8. Megolith001
      I was kicked today when the big lag occurred, It says i was kicked for flying or something can you please fix it, I really liked playing on there.
      1. ezeral
        its due to block lag it happens sometimes
        Jul 6, 2017
    9. minecraftshard1
      I purchased warden I need to be unbanned
    10. RJcoolcat
      I need help I purchased a rank upgrade from bedrock to legend and never got it I was wondering if someone could fix that please I have my receipt as proof
    11. Squeazie
      I need help. So, when i try to join, right away it states, " Network is Unreachable" How do i fix and why does this happen to me? It also lets me join other servers. But this is the only one it doesn't let me. Send nudes... i mean help
      1. TheChosenPumpkin and Bill like this.
      2. Bill
        Same thing happens to me
        Jul 4, 2017
    12. kingxassassin12
      I was banned for chat flooding but all i did was ask "who wants a billon dollars" and i was muted at the time of the banned and btw it is forever bye uDunnoThisDonkey.
    13. xxVeractxx
      Frost_ I was just wondering when i made a staff application I clicked on the link that you said we should apply so I was wondering if I should've used the link you suggested or create a staff application with a new thread I hope you can reply to this so I can know if i used the right link.
      1. Madrid
        It's still on the Google Docs link, not on the forums.
        Jun 27, 2017
    14. Yammy
      I cannot join... I am at spawn and have been getting kicked :'( It might be that I lag but... I get kicked the second I join saying Flying (or related) can you please TP me so I can join again <3 IGN: YammyYam
      1. mono1734
        Same here but i have legend rank with access to /fly
        Jun 21, 2017
      2. Madrid
        Is it solved now?
        Jun 27, 2017
    15. Sklize
      ive been kicked for flying.. with an enchantment.. why?? Can i not be kicked again.. please let me know whats going on.. I'm no hacker so there is no need for me to keep getting kicked.
    16. matt weaver
      matt weaver
      pls unmute me i didnt know
      1. matt weaver
        matt weaver
        Jun 14, 2017
    17. Icey_Storm
      Well This Cmute and Normal Mute is 10/10
    18. bradley
      unban: 6/13/17
      what: i was banned for chat flood.
      why i should be unbanned:
      rulles say 3 or more of the same letter i did 2 and it was private message cuse i was banned so he was inturuppting my privecy plz unban or
      reply to me my ign is sandy_ninja tnx for your time <3
    19. LOLZMASTER47
      hello i just made this account to tell you that i accidentally had my god pick on the auction house because i did not know how it worked and i was trying to put up a gapple and somebody bought it it had efficiency 1200 and was the $25 one.
      1. LOLZMASTER47
        if you can look through chat logs or any meathod to get it back i would greatly appreciate it. Its named Godly. even if all you can do is give me a new god pick i am ok with it i just want it back so bad because i was not able to get it back in time from the auction house. if you cant help and know who can tell me.
        ign : LOLZMSTER47
        Jun 12, 2017
      2. DaGreat
        Hey what's up LOLZMASTER47! You need proof of you buying a God Pick. I'm also sure you can't get it back. why? Because let's say I had a god pick and accidentally died in lava. I can't get it back unless I pay for it again or have god rank. You did do a mistake and you can't go back. I'm sorry but I think you'll need to buy another god pick if you want it back.
        Jun 12, 2017
        Bill likes this.
    20. ThomasClementine
      Hello Frost_, I would like to cancel my key subscription please. Reply when done! Thank you.
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    Jul 1, 2002 (Age: 15)