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Oct 31, 2016
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May 24, 2017 at 7:27 PM
    1. JeffSquared
      can I give my free gold rank to UltimoNinja10 ?
    2. ben goldberg
      ben goldberg
      hey i bought a coal rank before the reset and never got it... what happened to it
    3. Donkey2007
      1. TiCkLeMyNiGqEr
        May 11, 2017
    4. Vqw
      Hi im Vqw and i have a problem to log in, one day when i press join my minecraft crash and it haven't happened before and it can't connect to ping what should i do Luckyprison is the only server cant join pls help
      1. Robert
        You will need to send staff your Crash Report.
        Apr 17, 2017
    5. Supernova0903
      I paid for legend rank and still never recieved it. Frost_ was on and i messaged him and he didnt respond to me and ended up getting off of the server. Im a little Upset that Ive payed for something and ive been ignored and cant get any help
      1. Robert
        You need to fill out the missing donor item request form.
        Apr 17, 2017
    6. Little_Pringle
      I was banned a few minutes ago.. I was accused of using Kill Aura and some others. May I show you on skype that I'm not hacking and get unbanned? I bought the Diamond Rank on the server just today too.
      1. Robert
        Make a Ban Appeal.
        Apr 17, 2017
    7. Bailey
      Hi Thugcrew, I have created an account but have inputted my wrong birthdate how can I change it?
      1. Xap
        Make a new one, or go to your profile and click on "Personal Details"
        Apr 8, 2017
    8. ThatGuy0101
      Do you know when the applications for staff members will open again? I would really like to be a staff member because I'm good with building and I have experience with moderation and coding. My username is ThatGuy0101 and please contact me when ever you get a chance at me [email protected] thank you for your time. Also I can contribute at least 3 hours of work time a day.
    9. migmaster
      what is your email addras
    10. AmazingBailey2
      Thank you for the news thugcrew! I wanted to know if my stuff was back it was all back!
    11. Mitchell Haines
      Mitchell Haines
      I put out an application for staff, hopefully, you will see me fit for the position! Thank you!
    12. ReindeerIce
    13. Pieface6002
      Banned For "Lying to staff And innapropriate build" I was reporting a build and did not LIE Banned by : Dibbly
      My minecraft user: Pieface6002
    14. EndlessCrafting
      Thugcrew will you fix the cupons? i got 25$ one and i want to upgrade from legend to warden...
      1. EndlessCrafting
        can you answer please?
        Apr 13, 2017
    15. SweCharmander
      Can you pls help me BrownGamez Scammed me on a God Pickaxe!
    16. GrovelingSum994
      I want to be a staff pls
    17. Diblyy
      Hey. I bouaght Demigod store pickaxe and It was stolen. It is no longer on the store and I dont have the money to buy the God one. I have enough to buy the demigod though. Can I buy one? Please msg me.
    18. Diblyy
      Hello, please delete or block all the users spamming random articles in sections. If you need proof, go into "Prison Discussion" Thanks!
    19. Diblyy
      Hello. My backpack was appently cleared with the store bought DemiGod Pickaxe. There was no warning anywhere about the glitching of backpacks. Explain please.
    20. Injected_maymays
      Hey there dude. Basicly, I bought multiple items ( A chat tag, a pet and a rank) The pet appeared instantly, the chat tag andthe rank haven't appeared after hours of waiting I contacted staff and they told me to fill out a form, which i have, but , I belive when i bought the items I put the wrong e-mail in.Anywho, please could you give me my Ninja chat tag and Diamond rank, Thanks!
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