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Oct 31, 2016
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Jul 6, 2017
    1. Azla7
      Hi I left you a private message i did not know i could post on your wall. Please can you check it and reply to me or help me pretty please. Thanks
    2. JadeX
      Could you check my ban appeal by any chance?
    3. _Matt_Playz_
      I Bought 2 godly keys 2 days ago and they haven't come through on the same day I bought a rank but that came to me straight away. I sent an email back also.
    4. Mickey
      I have not received a reply to the email about any information regarding the situation over the rank change. Please let me know asap, what is going on and how much longer I may have to wait.
    5. Qianye
      can i see you on skype or discord for a staff application??

      i want to be a stafff bci love this server but want to help out the new players that joins
    6. kingxassassin12
      hey owner I need to have a talk with you I want to have a conference about me being banned I think we might be able to settle this like grown men
    7. kingxassassin12
      I have been banned from your server bye uDunnoThisDonkey for flooding chat but all I did was ask who wanted a billion dollars because I was in a nice mood before I got Banned forever. But i was banned for flooding chat but how could i flood chat when I'm muted at the time i was banned
    8. Zak Strachan
      Zak Strachan
    9. Hodder
      Hi! Please private message me with your email, I need to speak with you on canceling the $10 Monthly x15 crate keys.
    10. Joshua Miller
      Joshua Miller
      ThugCrew, why is the PayPal option off of the lucky prison shop? I was going to buy a lot of stuff but there isn't a PayPal option. Can you please add the option back? Thanks

    11. Kick53
      is there an email i can contact you on? i need help with the membership on 15 godly crate keys weekly
    12. JeffSquared
      can I give my free gold rank to UltimoNinja10 ?
    13. ben goldberg
      ben goldberg
      hey i bought a coal rank before the reset and never got it... what happened to it
    14. Donkey2007
      1. TiCkLeMyNiGqEr
        May 11, 2017
    15. Vqw
      Hi im Vqw and i have a problem to log in, one day when i press join my minecraft crash and it haven't happened before and it can't connect to ping what should i do Luckyprison is the only server cant join pls help
      1. Robert
        You will need to send staff your Crash Report.
        Apr 17, 2017
    16. Supernova0903
      I paid for legend rank and still never recieved it. Frost_ was on and i messaged him and he didnt respond to me and ended up getting off of the server. Im a little Upset that Ive payed for something and ive been ignored and cant get any help
      1. Robert
        You need to fill out the missing donor item request form.
        Apr 17, 2017
    17. Little_Pringle
      I was banned a few minutes ago.. I was accused of using Kill Aura and some others. May I show you on skype that I'm not hacking and get unbanned? I bought the Diamond Rank on the server just today too.
      1. Robert
        Make a Ban Appeal.
        Apr 17, 2017
    18. Bailey
      Hi Thugcrew, I have created an account but have inputted my wrong birthdate how can I change it?
      1. Xap
        Make a new one, or go to your profile and click on "Personal Details"
        Apr 8, 2017
    19. ThatGuy0101
      Do you know when the applications for staff members will open again? I would really like to be a staff member because I'm good with building and I have experience with moderation and coding. My username is ThatGuy0101 and please contact me when ever you get a chance at me [email protected] thank you for your time. Also I can contribute at least 3 hours of work time a day.
    20. migmaster
      what is your email addras
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