Minebrawl - LuckyPrison Merge


As you all know, Minebrawl recently acquired a server called LuckyPrison. Due to the considerable player base and superior content quality offered on LuckyPrison, I have determined that our best move is to merge and combine resources with LuckyPrison. This will ensure a consistently high player count, focused development, and streamlined advertising. We will be using the LuckyPrison brand for the server name and marketing materials; I realize this is confusing, but I have determined that the LuckyPrison name is more suitable for marketing purposes. Support will still be done through [email protected], and payment descriptors will still show up as PAYPAL*MINEBRAWLINC. Our holding company name will remain Minebrawl Inc. For any questions, please contact a member of staff in-game or send me a PM via the forums.

I realize that losing all of your progress and starting over on a foreign server is not ideal, so I will be hosting a sale in the near future and providing all players with a merge kit in-game. I definitely had some personal qualms about this merge, but I have decided that this is the best course of action going forward. Working on two servers would split my attention and prevent the real focus and consistency needed to succeed.

~ Minebrawl Administration Team