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By Levi on May 25, 2017 at 5:58 PM
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    Congratulations, to these few who have been accepted for a staff interview!
    • Ieau
    • Narative
    • XxHitechKillerxX
    • KittyKazaZ16
    • addlolTU
    • beast_master274
    Please contact me in game, or on the forums to set up a time for an interview.

    If you have any issues with the accepted applicants, please leave your reasoning below, along with some kind of proof to support you claim.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Levi, May 25, 2017.

    1. KierMoi
      problem: some of them r randys i dont like randy staff they dont get the server they should f off
    2. FrostIsMyDaddy
      Congrats to everyone who was accepted. Good luck on the interview.
    3. C0rrupted
      just because they made a good app doesnt mean they're gonna be good staff ;)

      but same the other way, just because theyre a rand doesnt mean theyre gonna be bad.
    4. matanazizi
      totally agree with u :p ... i wouldn't suggest many of the "not randoms" on the server to be staff at all..
      yet maybe having a staff which u haven't heard of or just joined doesn't mean hes gonna be bad at all!! he can even be better than a lot of others who play this server for quiet along time.. for example .. i remember baseballdp.. he joined .. played a few time and applied real quickly.. the guy was an awesome staff :p ..
    5. TwentyOnePikachus
      i know Combuh cause he kills me in pvp
      so not all of them are randys...
      just most
    6. PvPages
      Congrats to my boy Combuh
    7. Medcii
      combuh is ez and bad and should go get a life :)
    8. Madrid
      Congrats to everyone accepted, good luck on interview!
    9. xShardz
      AddlolTU got accepted? Wow just Wow. He is a griefer
    10. TylerPlayz
      Hey Frost_ its me TheRealTylerPlay and my game is gliched out and when i join i in a glich spot so i was wondering if u could please help me out and that would be a great help thx! Signed Tyler
    11. Overloaded
      Hey Frost_,
      I posted a staff application, please see It, I would really love to be a part of the Lucky Prison Community!!

      - OverloadedHacker (not a hacker, just a cool name!)
    12. beast_master274
    13. beast_master274
      btw can i not do the interview, if i have to can i just type in the chat of skype not speak, i dont feel comfortable doing the interview

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    14. beast_master274
      ugh i dont know how that screen shot got there
    15. beast_master274
      excuse me ive been playing since the start of the year and i had and old account and i played this server at the start of 2016 as well plus ive bough USA nametag obi rank brock rank and legendrank and soon to be warden rank and you are saying im a randy. and yet i manage to wright a better applycation on why im a responsible person and why im NOT a randy. i think you should look at yourself before you say something like that.;)
    16. C0rrupted
      kek did anywhere in kier's post mention you specifically? no. So stop getting all worked up. And how did you even manage to write a decent application with the lack of grammar and spelling you just shown.
    17. xFaintPvp
      Honestly, I love this server and I do spend a lot of time on it during my free time.. I would honestly love to talk to you frost about an interview, so if you could please reply to this, I would be so thankful!
    18. C0rrupted
      Well you have to make an application first lol
    19. Mayo
      Talking during the interview is a necessity and the interview is not skipped often.