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By LuckyPrison on Aug 11, 2017 at 9:14 PM
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    It's been a while since I've made a post, so I'd like to inform all of you about some upcoming updates.

    For starters, we've released a back to school sale that slashes all prices in the store in half. We've also released a preorder for the Prime rank, which comes with 100 free Godly keys and a price reduction of $26 from the release-date price (only for preorders!).

    As for upcoming updates, we plan to begin a policy of creating large weekly updates beginning on Friday, August 18th. For our first weekly update, we plan to add either a free world or an extension of the current mine ranks. Additionally, we would like to incorporate any suggestions from the community, so please feel free to leave a comment.


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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LuckyPrison, Aug 11, 2017.

    1. Donkey
      +1 for the free world
    2. Serge700
    3. Benji1876
    4. C0rrupted
      *This is my opinon based on my experiences with servers and lp, dont digest too much NaCl if you disagree.

      Tbh the server doesnt need a new rank. It needs a reset or a balance change to pvp and the eco. Its fair to say that new players cant compete in both pvp and money because of how p2w it is and discourages them from staying, and yes i do understand making money is important to keeping the server up etc, but there has to be a middle point to where you make money and keep the players interested.

      Ik alot of nerds are gonna disagree with this cuz they dont wanna lose their stuff and such but the server is averaging only about 60 players daily. A reset and a balance updated is gonna bring in alot of new players and maybe bring back some old players.
    5. Donkey
      Have you not been listening to what frost has been saying in the chat? The server isn't even being advertised atm.
    6. C0rrupted
      no i dont even get on much anymore, i only get on like 10 mins a day lmao
    7. C0rrupted
      And mainly my suggestion is not as to get more players but to keep them interested and get them to stay. Also advertisements is used to grow a server and keep the player count but in LP's case it's used to get a decent amount of players but when its not being advertised the player count drops again.

      Not sure if i said it in a way that's understandable but ye.
    8. mariorose8

      I was just wondering if you could tell me when the 'Back To School' mega sale is going to end.

    9. AuraPulse
      Is there a rough release date for the rank? Also I'm not sure luckyprison needs another rank, it needs many other things before adding another rank so soon for example purchasing a better package for running the server as there is still quite a bit of lag also we have been waiting for the new donor mines for quite a while now so instead of adding more donor ranks, you still need to add some perks of the older donor ranks.
    10. Jas_ is famous
      Jas_ is famous
      maybe ban reset and like fix the lag, and get more experienced staff that do their job and dont spawn in gear because i have been hearing some rumors of that. Maybe get a dev make network, etc
    11. OneFlyer
      This server right now is the greatest server i have played on but two things need to be improved.
      1. Try to make the server not crash anymore.
      2. TAKE OFF CRATE ANNOUNCEMENTS!! They are super annoying. They are especially getting very bad right now as the prices have decreased.
    12. Diego Lewin
      Diego Lewin
      He's right i hate crate announcements and please add a function for us to stop getting dirt if we dont want to from crates
    13. GalaxyGaming
      DISABLE CRATE ANNOUCNETMENTS we don't need to know if someone got a 150$ buy craft voucher it only causes spam
    14. Atronical
    15. XxHitechKillerxX
      1.In my opinion, we don't need all the people that we have banned to come back .(as they have been banned for a reason)
      2.The current staff team is doing well.

      As for the lag, it can be improved although I don't lag that much at all
    16. x_Angelic
      Neither and your not the only one thinking these points :p
    17. x_Angelic
      There needs to be more server wide "events" if you wish happening to keep people interested by the server and they need to be able to be done by everyone not just us donators. For example I mean things like the chest quests that happen every blue moon... :p
    18. _whosmybae_
      Can you add mines that are prestige 1-10, also add donor mines that are Demigod - Titan/Prime? Because honestly there's no point of ranking up past "Z" because there's no mines above that. It also makes no sense that Warden rank and below have donor minds but Demigod + don't. Thanks ,
    19. Lunas
      The reason there is no mines for them is because no one made them. Feel free to make some if you feel able to. I surely cant build good enough to make a mine.