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    In-game name: DavidWilkins
    Your age: I am currently 14 turning 15 next month
    Your timezone: Eastern Standard time
    Your country (*): I live in the UnitedStates
    Date you joined LuckyPrison (Estimation): Well I first joined when Thugcrew first bought the server just to check it out but I didn't fully start playing until late lp3.
    How many hours can you be on every week/day (hours/week or hours/day): I can play for about 6 hours a day.
    Why should you be accepted to staff, not others? What makes you unique?: I have many friends that are staff they have taught me a lot about the rules. I believe I can be a good addition to the staff team
    Explain an action you've already taken to help improve the community: I try to help almost any person that needs help. I can be toxic at times this will change if I get accepted.
    Explain what your primary goal as a staff member will be: I will be moderating chat, banning hackers, and trying my best to keep people from breaking rules.
    List any previous experience you have in community moderation: I have never been staff before on a server.
    Tell us about yourself (*): I'm from NewYork I like video games like most people I just want to help the server. I am an old player from thugs old server. I have wanted to be staff for a while I really hope this gets accepted. Hope you have a good day

    _-_-_Btw Ilu DOnKy_-_-_ ~~Shadow
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    I would accept this App
    Topest of the quality
    @Donkey Make him staff.
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