Greek Building Competition!

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    Hello, Lucky People!

    I've thought about doing a building event about Greek back in 5th century BC!
    What I am mostly looking at is the most famous buildings about what makes Greece so popular and why they are such a big deal.
    Be sure to make it look good as best as you can! :)

    Here are the prizes:
    1st Place: 5 trillion $, 1 full Warden set, 3 full Legend sets, 3 stacks of gapples and 3 scrolls of your choice*
    2nd Place: 2.5 trillion $, 3 full Platinum sets, 2 stacks of gapples and 2 scrolls of your choice*
    3rd Place: 1 trillion $, 2 full Platinum sets, 1 full Bedrock set, 1 stack of gapples and 1 scrolls of your choice*

    * I might not have every single scrolls but I do have:
    *Sharp 6, Fire Aspect 2
    *Unbreaking 33
    *Fortune 5
    *Circles 3, Blasting 3
    *Triangles 3, Fortune 1
    *Power 5, Flame 1, Punch 2



    1. Player must be a Lucky Prison forum member.

    2. Project must be created on your own plot. If this project is done as a group then the only winner is the plot owner. Plot can only have 1 owner.

    3. Only 1 entry allowed by each player name.

    4. ALL server rules must be followed.

    5. Qualifying submissions must be submitted by December 14th.

    6. Winners chosen by Lucky Prison Staff

    7. A short description of your project and why you deserve to win will also be required with each submission. In a result of a tie or close winners we will use this description to make a final decision.

    8. Submissions MUST be posted on the link below.

    We suggest that you post your video & or screenshot in response to this forum post.

    We wish you good luck!

    ------------------SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT HERE------------------

    -------------------SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT HERE-----------------
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xLeTinyNinjax, Dec 4, 2016.