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    In-game name: Endereye16
    Your age:18
    Your timezone: EST
    Your country (*): USA
    Date you joined LuckyPrison (Estimation): January of 2018
    How many hours can you be on every week/day (hours/week or hours/day): Maybe at last 10-15 hours a week.
    Why should you be accepted to staff, not others? What makes you unique?: I get alone with everyone. I'm on the server at least once a day and if anything happens I can hop on ASAP and try and help. I'm very open to people.
    Explain an action you've already taken to help improve the community: When ever something happen that got way to out of hand, I would let Donkey know. I've also answered questions people have had like what commands to use.
    Explain what your primary goal as a staff member will be: To keep the server as friendly as possible and all those playing on it safe and welcomed
    List any previous experience you have in community moderation: I've been Admin and builers on Faction servers before and know lots of the basic commands o a staff member.
    Tell us about yourself (*):