Ip-ban appeal for Zaidlordy

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  1. Yes! Welcome back.

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  2. No, enjoy the rest of your day.

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  3. We may have to rethink about it.

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  1. zaidlordy

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    Dec 17, 2016
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    IGN: Zaidlordy
    The staff member who handed issued the punishment: Swifx

    Punishment ID:#1658
    Why you were banned: Ban Evading - Multiple Times
    Why should you be unbanned : well first of all let me clear this out when I applied before this one Memontn said that I got banned for illegals and if I get unbanned I would just use illegals again well me using illegals has a reason because when I used illegals was because of plxy because he used it on me and I had the proof but nobody believed me when he 1 tapped me with a sharp 1000 and when I used it against him the same damn sword I got an insta ban. And no if I get unbanned I would not even think about touching illegals again. And the actual main reason why I was so angry and used them is that a lot of my friends were quitting and very least showed up on the unban all day (which I got banned on) so server was actually dead nobody was playing it but now since unban all happened and mb players joined and brought life back to it I thought about it and I want to join and I don’t believe the fact that thug told swifx to ban me on an unban day is true because thug was there that day why didn’t he ban me he literally was talking to people in chat and when he left I got banned instantly and donkey was there why did he ask swifx that if thug actually told him??? Wouldn’t he know because he can see commands ???? So I deserve an unban because 1. I apologized for using illegals 2. Thought everyone was quitting so wanted to do the same 3. Because I was actually false banned on an unban day (not totally sure it’s sure but at least it’s what I believe happened)