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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LuckyPrison, Sep 19, 2017.

By LuckyPrison on Sep 19, 2017 at 6:49 PM
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    I am working on a MASSIVE update for LuckyPrison that will be released in October. If you want something included, here's your chance to mention it! I will be giving out prizes for the best suggestions.


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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LuckyPrison, Sep 19, 2017.

    1. Penguinnn

      Here are the best suggestions I could come up with/find.

      1. Free Baskets
      2. Stackable Coupons
      3. More Active Staff
      4. More Donor Mines
      5. Prestige Mines
      6. Bounty System
      7. Daily Challenges
      8. Fix /pv glitch
      9. Fix /backpack glitch
      10. Minigames
      11. Bigger PvP Arena
      12. Release Prime Rank
      13. Make /echest
      14. No more dirt from Crates.
      15. Fix Daily Keys
      16. Make the chat punishments less strict, its not a fucking christian server.
      17. Give _xXProgenXx_ a promotion in 10 years.

      Hope some of these features get added in the update! - Burger

      Edit: Also After I did the number system everyone copied me oh well.
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      We want a better and larger pvp arena, if you could add another mini game that will be great because members might get bored of pvp. Cause me as a high level/rank player, I got nothing to do other than pvping.
    3. ZaidlordyFTW
      1. if you add anymore ranks do not make them too overpowered because titans are raping people with titan swords right now
      2. ReAdd free baskets because i mean make a poll everyone will vote for it jeez it doesn't matter how much profit we make
      3. be active a lot and fix your perms because if you ask anyone of the mods how is their perm doing i bet they will say it sucks and do not make the pex only from console because nobody can do shit ingame
      4. some of my friends main's are banned because they resigned like why wtf?
      5. and we can clearly see your plugins when we do /pl like wtf again xD?
      6. give more care about the server because your earning profit for it so give more attention like change the hosting website or something because we have to deal with a lag everyday since you became an owner
      The End.
      Sorry about profanity.
    4. TwentyOnePikachus
      make /enderchest
      fix backpacks
      make mines
      hire more staff
      dont make a new rank

      ty and take these suggestions seriously you jew
    5. YoStrafe
      I would like to see perms for the new Cmods(During This Month Would be Nice Tho). Anyone else?
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    6. DannyBatman8
      I would love to see lucky prison having minigames, adding back the prestige mines, hiring more staff there not always online I saw like a lot of kill aura when admins and mods were off lol.
    7. C0rrupted
      1. A server reset
      2. A server reset
      3. A server reset
      4. Reset the server
      5. A server reset
    8. dapetsta
      How about unbanning me :)
    9. xShardz
      Suggestions by Plxy:
      1. Reduce lag
      2. Donor mines
      3. Removal of instant tps in pvp because it allows people to run away all the fcking time.
      4. Vote keys
      5. Remove dirt from crates
      6. Ban resets
      7. Any player can use titan sword just not sharp 19 gaxes
      8. Allow players to delete plots#
      9. An actual /warp shop to buy blocks for plots
      10. I want THUG HOSTED EVENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. Ibo
      Please do these previous things as I have been playing for a while and noticed a lot of change, c0rruoted has played lp longer than me, shout out to c0rrupted.

      Hire more staff: As an ex-staff member of lucky prison for almost 3 months now I have seen a lot of changes please reconsider the following.

      Add prestige mines, this is not the most important thing I want to reach out.
      Please I mean really add free baskets, I know there are some difficulties but it makes 5$ vouchers especially way more valuable.
      Refrain from hiring inexperienced players: I'm not the best staff there ever was, but we need active, experienced LP 1 or 2 staff members.These players know the community by heart, therefore adding more interaction with players.No joke some player got hired after 6 days of playing, yes that's right 6 Days.Not calling out people but yes, please add more experienced active staff.'
      Take more consideration with staff applications.
      Try to do givaway's on Twitter, this promotes your network.Like rt [retweet] and follow for a chance to win 3 warden ranks!
      try to refrain ban resets, there has been many, I mean many notorious cheaters.
      That's all I have to say, for now, no hate towards thug.He is actually pretty chill and hired me as chatmod 3 months back, I thank you thug for granting me this, peace out folks!
      -Sincerely, Repitition.
    11. TwentyOnePikachus
      i like your ideas
    12. Bleeche
      Yea having more active staff would be great
    13. Tiriliscool
      1. Potions Stacking
      2. Armor Stacking
      3. No Gappel Glitching
      4. More Cratre Keys
      5. More Active Staff's
      6. Prestige Mines
      7. Titan Mine
      8. Prime Mine
      9. Titan can have Sharpness 25 Max
      10. Titan Set Bether Unbraking
      11. Sugar And Cactus More Secounds Pr
      12. Vote Keys
      13. More Keys
      14. Bigger Pvp Area
      15. Clans!!!!! <----------------------------------------------------------------
      16. Titan can do /invsee
      17. More GiveAways
      18. Easyer way to make money sell cactus or something
      19. 2% to win a rank in Crates
    14. Jellieh
      - Nether reset
      - Some sort of anti-grief around the spawn of nether
      - Remove /unlimited for bedrock (the block not the rank)

    15. AuraPulse
      Better and more active staff that ban with proper proof, prime rank release. New mines. Daily key fix, illegal item fix and vouchers less common from crates
    16. PotORice
      Gapple Fatigue so people cant just spam gapples in pvp :)
    17. xShardz
      This is coming from a person. I never see in pvp.
    18. Wolfguy308

      but how can you be staff on luckyprison i would like to help you guys out
    19. Zendoroz
      i would like many thing but im in school rn so i juat gonna say one thing i want a Fps pvp and a normal pvp if you dont know what a fps is its a only glass pvp for those with whorse computer thanks /Vafy