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By chubbycurls on Nov 10, 2016 at 7:52 PM
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    As most of you now know, I was promoted to Manager by the new owner @Thugcrew! As most of you know, I am also a teacher and I love LP and the community! I don't have the time to put in as some managers in the past but I feel that I am completely capable of being the staff manager here. I have good people skills, am unbiased as much as a person can be and love being part of this community.

    Expectations of Players: Follow the server rules, get to know fellow players and enjoy our community.

    Expectations of Staff: Use the position for only good, follow our staff guide and enjoy the community. TBH - I believe in 2nd chances but not 3rd's. I will always give people the chance to make improvements because nobody starts as an expert!

    My expectations for myself are pretty simple. I
    hope that I continue to play this game as I have during my entire time here at lucky. My have always done my best to get to know the community, make friends and enjoy my time. I am always available through PM on the forums, spend many hours on TeamSpeak and in game as often as I can be.

    Have any other expectations for me? Feel free to PM me!

    1st Round of Chat Mod Interviews:
    Please see @chubbycurls for a TeamSpeak Interview

    Already Hired: @darkblueblade685

    To those that applied and aren't listed above, thank you for your interest. Make sure that you increase your server involvement, forums involvement and keep your history clean! There are always going to be more positions to fill on our staff team.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by chubbycurls, Nov 10, 2016.