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    Hello! The following are the server rules, please stick to them or you will be punished depending on what rule you broke.
    This is an updated list containing all of the rules.
    (Large thanks to MLGMadrid for writing this, as I could not be bothered to do so)
    Chat Spam

    This rule means sending 3 or more messages that are the same (or similar) under the same chat frame.
    Frost_> Hey
    Frost_> Hey
    Frost_> Hey

    Chat Flood
    This rule means sending over 4 characters in a row in the same text. Here is an example: "Haaaa" or "Apppppppples".

    Private Message Spam
    This rule is similar to the chat spam rule, except it is in private messaging a player. If you send them 4 or more messages that are the same (or similar) in the same chat frame, you are breaking this rule.

    This rule means calling someone a hacker on main chat. You can use /helpop if you are unsure if the player is hacking or not.

    Whether it is a server discord, website or IP address, it is forbidden to post details about a minecraft server. You can if you are asked to in private messaging.

    Unsafe or non server-related wesbites
    Whether it is a youtube video that's not related to LuckyPrison or a jumpscare, it is forbidden to post unsafe/non-server-related links.

    Derogatory Slurs
    This rule means any negative comment or expression based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. It will not be taken lightly.

    This rule means saying swear words. "Shit" is generally allowed, but do not use it against anyone.

    Sexual Content
    Sexual content is sending anything, sexual in chat, it is an instant mute!

    Player Harassment
    This rule is about harassing a player, calling them names, or generally being against someone offensively. We do NOT take this lightly at all.

    Lying to staff members
    If you were asked by a staff member about something, always tell the truth. Lying will not be taken lightly.

    Scamming in real life money
    This is about making a deal with someone about something on the store, and you end up not buying it. We take this very seriously.
    Bob made a deal with Steve, the deal is Bob will give Steve 1 trillion in game money, and in return, Steve has to buy Bob the coal rank.
    Steve never buys Bob the coal rank.
    Or Bob never pays the money.
    Note: Scamming machines are NOT allowed.
    Any attempts to duplicate items will be taken VERY seriously, you will be instantly banned.

    Whether it's on top of PvP, into higher mines, or any other place that you are not supposed to be in, glitching is NOT allowed.

    This means having a /nick about a player and/or acting like you are them.
    Michael> I'm so bored ugh..
    *Michael> Just kidding I'm not bored.

    In this case, *Michael is not Michael himself, which means the person behind that nickname is impersonating Michael.

    Usage of hacking clients is NOT allowed. Any clients that give you a direct advantage against other players are NOT allowed.
    If you are still confused on what's confused and what's not, I will be making a post later on what clients are allowed and what clients are not allowed. (Labymod, OptiFine or any other clients that just boost up your FPS or gives you shaders are allowed.)

    Selling minecraft accounts, steam accounts, or any other thing is NOT allowed on the server. It is taken seriously.

    Illegal Items
    Any item that is Sharpness or Power 16 or above is NOT allowed. Sharpness or Power 15 are therefore the max you can get.

    Cyber Attacks and/or threats
    This is not taken lightly AT ALL, whether it's DDoSing the server or a player, or threatening to do so, it is NOT allowed at all.

    Causing Drama and/or Toxicity
    Only staff managers can deal this punishment
    This rule is about causing any drama on the server, or any toxic remarks against the server or any other thing.

    Abuse of donor perks
    Abusing your donor perks will lead you to a ban, and possible removal of permissions on your second punishment.
    Using colors that you are not allowed to use. Use /color to know your allowed colors.

    Asking staff to abuse
    Whether it's banning your enemy or unbanning your friend, asking staff to abuse is NOT allowed.

    Ban Evading
    Coming on an alternate account when your account is banned is forbidden. If you think you have been false banned, post a ban appeal here.

    Ender Pearls in PvP
    Usage of Ender Pearls in PvP is forbidden, even if you want to escape from a battle or follow someone, it is not allowed.

    /helpop abuse
    Any conversations with staff on /helpop, spamming /helpop or you posting on /helpop without actually needing help, is forbidden.
    [HelpOP] Jack: What's up staff members?

    Suicidal Remarks towards other players
    Telling anyone to suicide/harm themselves is forbidden.
    Example: Telling someone to kill themself, drink bleach, hang themself etc.

    Any kind of scamming is allowed, other than sign, Auction House and/or irl scamming.

    Auction House scamming
    Using the Auction House to sell fake keys and/or vouchers is not allowed.

    Illegal Characters
    Using any characters that are not allowed or are not English is not allowed.

    English in Main Chat
    You would have to use the English language in the main chat. If you do not speak it, and wish to talk to your friends, you can always /msg them!
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