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    In-game name:joshuasuperboy
    Your age:18
    Your timezone:Central Daylight Time
    Your country (*):United States
    Date you joined LuckyPrison (Estimation):2-16-18
    How many hours can you be on every week/day (hours/week or hours/day):14 hours a week most of the time
    Why should you be accepted to staff, not others? What makes you unique?:I'm very experienced with minecraft servers. I been owning a minecraft server for 4 years now. I'm also very nice I have never been mean to players on my server. I also been on there a lot but now I'm on this server more. I also never scammed people of there economy server money on this server. I also gave a couple of people almost 3trill of that economy money on the server. I will not do it if someone just started but I will give them a little boost to help them out.
    Explain an action you've already taken to help improve the community:On my server I have been making it great for other people. I also been telling people on my server that it's not fine to fight for something like a item. I mean like really start to use profanity and threats fighting. I make sure all people on my server are nice and happy.
    Explain what your primary goal as a staff member will be:To make the server a nice place and not filled with a bunch of chaos and rule breakers.
    List any previous experience you have in community moderation:I have had one experience with a person telling me that he was going to hack my server but I did /ban-ip to that user. There is another time when a person griefed my spawn some how. Then I did /seen to that user and I had a log for block breaking. It was a plugin I have installed for security. Then that person got banned ip for hacking server security. After that I have installed 26 other security plugins. I currently have 98 plugins on my server.
    Tell us about yourself (*):I'm very nice to people out in the community. I'm very social and I don't get mad very easily if someone just said a profanity word to me. But if it is related to breaking rules of this server. I will not play I will ban them if they disobeyed rules too much.