The End of the Road

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By chubbycurls on Jan 3, 2017 at 4:23 PM
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    Hey friends,

    I didn't want to leave out before I said "See ya later." I am leaving the LP community as staff. I may visit from time to time to say hello. I am starting back to school tomorrow! #GoodbyeBreak... My goal is to either get a paying part time job in the afternoons or join a similar online community that can pay me a bit for the work that I do. I had a couple offers but want to find the right community for me. My history here as been almost as long as LP has been open and I am so glad I spent my time here. I made so many friends.

    I will never forget how people yelled my name in chat each and every time I logged in. I felt so loved. <3 Okay, maybe you just wanted your keys! :p

    @ECaptain - Thank you for finding me and bringing me into Eden. I didn't fit in, I didn't understand your... language and I wasn't sure I needed to join but it turned out to be a good thing. I wouldn't have built so many relationships and found my new little bro @EScubaJoe! Oh... and PS Cap you really do care... <3

    @Packet - OMG dude. You are legit one of the smartest ## year olds I know. You will go far and you will do amazing things! Don't forget to slow down and enjoy it because the next 10 years of your life will FLY! Trust me...

    @Fred... I <3 you man... and I don't even know why. Keep being you and keep your head held high.

    @Rexe243 @Jas @Scuba @_dig @Nathan @Luey @Toadette1218 @Maxwell and so many others... I <3 you guys!

    See you guys soon!



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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by chubbycurls, Jan 3, 2017.

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    1. TheAvailability
      Sad to see you go, you will be loved

      Also who's the new staff manager?
    2. Zachary
      Its sad to see you go chubbs i remember when you first became staff on LP you helped the community so much since you were staff i love you and great luck in the Future i know we will all miss you just remember you were probably the best Staff Manager we ever had see ya soon chubby
    3. xXNeroZashiXx
      I didnt know you or talk to you much but i do hope you have fun back at School :D
    4. CoReRoded
      When you dont get mentioned </3

      Un chubby I love you and im sad you leaving. :(
    5. FaZe_Pig
      It was nice knowing you for the short amount of time, I wish you luck on your future endeavors! Good Bye, Chubby!
    6. Xap
      Good luck!
    7. C0rrupted
      Rip D: good luck on your future endeavors chubbs <3
    8. Vaside//SpikeQn
      Good luck with finding a job chubby!
    9. Huwaii
      Please don't leave. Without you the server will become a reck... your the last good staff especially because cap softeh deluexe and pack left
    10. Fred
      Cough cough
    11. Jas
    12. Huwaii
    13. TheAvailability
      :O! not surprising at all...
    14. Maskan12
      wow rood, can't get mah keys until new manager
    15. chubbycurls
      Looooool Love you too Maskan!!!
    16. Maskan12
    17. Sirius
      <3 you will be missed
    18. Toadette1218
      wait... YOU'RE LEAVING?!
    19. chubbycurls
      Yes, I had to either get another job or find another community that I could get some extra income from. Less than 8 hours after I left I found somewhere to get paid! Thank goodness. I didn't have the time to work for free anymore. I will miss you all. :(
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