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    In-game name:

    What we should call you:
    Twizle or anything you'd like.

    Your age:[Must be 13 or above]
    I am 14 years old.

    Your timezone:
    My timezone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)

    Your country:
    I live in Canada

    Date you joined LuckyPrison:

    Explain an action you've already taken to help improve the community:
    I try to be as helpful as possible and whenever someone has any questions I always do my best to answer them.

    Explain what your primary goal as a staff member will be:
    My primary goals as staff would be to help everyone that needs help and make everyone feel welcome. I would also do my best to be online as much as possible to keep the server a family friendly place.

    List any previous experience you have in community moderation: [Don't post IP's for other servers]
    I have been Helper, Mod, Head-Mod, Admin, Co-Owner, Owner and Builder on many different minecraft servers. They were all relatively small (the biggest having around 10 players online at once) but I did learn quite a bit.

    Tell us about yourself:
    I am a very helpful and kind person which are probably the most important traits as a staff member. I am a great leader (which a staff member needs) and a great team-mate due to playing organised sports on teams throughout my life. I enjoy helping people and that's why I am applying for staff. As I said before I have been almost every staff rank on a minecraft server and have learned a lot. The most important things I've learned that I have picked up into my personality over the past few years are:

    Team Work - As a staff member you need to be able to work with other staff members/players. I am very good at communication and I'm also a very like-able person which make me easier to talk to. That is very important as a staff member because you need to be able to talk with everyone.

    Helpfulness - Having quite a bit of experience being staff means that I've had quite a bit of experience with helping players out. If it's answering a question, resolving an issue in-game or with another player or even just helping someone by giving them a bit of in game money, always try my best to help out as much as I can as best as I can.

    Kindness - As a staff member players often look up to you as a role model. If players look up to you and you aren't always being as nice as you can or you get frustrated and do something you aren't suppose to do, they will often start to dislike you/the server or they will follow in your footsteps and do something they aren't suppose to.

    Leadership - I've been playing on sports teams for basically all my life, I am quite good at a few. That being said I have been captain of my team quite a few times and have had to learn the responsibility of being a leader. The main things I learnt about being a leader are how to handle different situations properly and being nice to everyone.

    Dedication - As a staff member you always need to try your best to get on as much as possible. If you aren't dedicated to a server you won't be online as much as you can. For me, when I join a server I like I always play on the server until it either shuts down or something happens. An example would be all the servers I have been staff on. I played on those servers until eventually the owners quit or sold the server. Two more examples would be WoodyCraft and ChaosPvP, I played on both of these servers constantly for over a year, I applied for staff on both but was rejected. I continued playing on these servers after being rejected because of dedication.

    Hard Work - Whenever I am dedicated to something, I always work hard on it, whether it be school work or being staff on a minecraft server. When it comes to minecraft I always try my hardest to help anyone in need, if I can't help them I will try and get help from a higher staff member. I won't give up until I am able to help them h=which is also dedication.

    I hope you consider my application even though I only joined the server a few days ago. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope you liked it.

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    It's a good application however you have played in the server for 5 minutes. You are still rank A and no one knows you. Get yourself known play more and send an application where you're supposed to.